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Never go to the ocean with a teaspoon

May 29, 2017

This is one of my favorite Jim Rohn’s quote.


Great words. Let me walk though it so you can understand the meaning behind.

Obviously, we can’t get much water with a teaspoon. Ocean is infinite, a teaspoon is too small.

A bucket is better, we can take some more back home.

If I can choose, I will bring big jars with me.

However, I am not keen in salt or water. I just go to the ocean to see sunset.

Then I should bring nothing but a chair to sit and wait.

Regardless my purpose is seeing sunset, or getting water/salt, or fishing, or swimming, I have to prepare for my purpose.

We can use a teaspoon to get this amount of water, and a bucket can get twice as this.

We need to know how much we want to get. And to know how much, ask.

Ocean is like opportunity. There are many. To get the opportunity, all we need to do is going to the ocean. Ocean is huge, it cover the land, we can find it by any way, any where, any direction, just move.

Be prepare. Don’t just wait for opportunity. We can come to ocean many times, we still don’t get anything back unless we bring something, like a teaspoon (just kidding, at least a big bucket).

Opportunity will come to us, we difinitely have many opportunities. They can come very randomly, suddenly. Usually we aren’t ready for new opportunity. Or we aren’t sure it is opportunity or not.

Be prepare, so we don’t miss any opportunity. And knowing an opportunity is even harder.

I myself need to learn how to define an opportunity, honestly. If you have any tips, please share with me! I just know that opportunity comes with difficulty. Nothing is easy, or we can call it challenge.

When I find something challenge me, I think it tries to hint me. As what I observe, difficulties are everywhere. I don’t find it, it just comes.

Thus, opportunity always comes with difficulty, and difficulty is everywhere. We don’t need to find opportunity, it comes to us.

So, prepare well, sharpen your weapon to fight difficulty, and take the opportunity as a rewards.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.