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May 21, 2017


func main() {
  fmt.Println("Hello World!")

Hi everyone, it’s such a long time (10 months omg) I haven’t writen anything.

I built this blog myself on Rails, and host it in Digital Ocean. It was a cool project, I am both developer and user, I understand how each feature values to users.

However, from time to time, it becomes difficult to maintain the project. Many times I want to write a post, and I found some bugs. Then I spent my 2 hours to fix bugs instead of doing what I tend to do. It is demotivated me a lot whenever I want to write.

I decide to stop maintain my blog and rebuild it using Github page and focus on content more than code. I spent a lot of times to develop my blog. It was tough to make this decision.

Now I have a new blog using Github page, Jekyll plugin. There is no excuse not writing blog post because there is a bug. There’re still bugs, but the cost of maintenance the site is much less than.

I think writing content is more valuable than maintain it. It was hard to make this decision, I love the project, and I was not sure I enjoy writing content in markdown syntax. Also this time I haven’t know how to config the website in Jekyll. After moving, I know that I was too conservative. I should have more changes in life and make it as a habbit. And that’s all I want to share in this post.

We want to change our life, fix our bad habbit to live better. We want to get out of our comfortzone. We want to have something we don’t have. So, we must do something that we haven’t done before.

Knowing this lession is important. However, there is one more thing to know, we don’t like changing. We know the benefit of changing, we don’t change.

For me, I am afraid of changing.

I love my comfortzone. As a developer, I love my programming language I am using, I love the framework I am using. I love the testing framework I am using. Ah, Just kidding, It is not I love or dont’ love, I am confident with them, I know I can get thing done by these things. I rarely use different languages, different frameworks, cause I am sure it supports well for my job.

I am not good at swimming. I learn swimming because I want to swim with my girlfriend. Sometimes I want to swim, but go to swimming complex and swim with many professional swimmers is quite stressful.

I am good a badminton. I may win or lost, but I am pretty sure I play well, cause I play badminton for almost 5-6 years. If choosing between badminton and swimming, definitely I go with badminton, safe choice.

Another example, I always call Ice Latte when I go to the coffee. I tried many coffee shops just to figure out the best Ice latte After having many ice lattes, it becomes a safe choice for me whenever I go to coffee shop. Just want to see a new coffee shop’s ice latte is better.

The last example may not be relevant, just because I am having an ice latte now, so I put it in my post ^^. I use these examples to prove a point, if we’re confident about onething, we prefer to go with it instead of other options. It isn’t bad, it just limit us to try new things, and it make a habbit not to try.

It is so hard to try new thing, eventhough I have methods, I have motivation, I have some reasons. I did hard to found them, but I still don’t take action, because I don’t have the habbit of doing new thing. I feel not enough to take action yet.

My solution for this is challenge myself more often. I read this blog

At first, it sounds a bit weird. However, it’s exactly what I don’t have, that’s why I feel nervous to change, to challenge myself to do something I haven’t done before. I may not do anythings in this list, I am not able to do it for 30 days also, I just want to make it happened once

  • Cycles 12kms nonstop
  • Write a non-tech blog
  • Talk to my ex-girlfriend
  • Give free advice to some strangers
  • Order something different with Ice Latte
  • Give a talk about something that isn’t related to my experience or knowledge

And here is my list to do next

  • Contribute to a Golang lib
  • Pushup 100 times nonstop
  • Writing a blog about Psychology or personal development
  • Go some places alone
  • More things to come

The point here is: feel more naturally to challenge yourself, to build a habbit to try new thing, even it’s small thing. Then there is more opportunity for you, you can do anything with full confident and belief to create a better life.

P.S. This is my non-tech blog