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I am not the best developer

Apr 14, 2015

I used to think that I am the best developer. I find it isn’t bad at all to think myself as the best developer.


  • I always try to solve all the problems; because if I can’t solve it, who else can?
  • I do my best, write the best code, share the best techniques I used.
  • I always try to help people, suggest them best ideas and help them solve their problems in the smartest way.
  • I learn & read a lot, cause I am the best. I need to know almost everything, so I can help people.

If I stop learning, I will be slow down, til someday I am not the best anymore.

Good philosophy. However, what happen when you see a lot of developer those are better than you. This philosophy creates an invisible obstacle, it prevents you to learn from other people.

I always remind myself to keep learning, somethings in my gut stops me. Damn it!

Actually I don’t know why I am afraid of learning from people. What’s wrong with my philosophy?

After reading a lot of articles, and think a lot, I think there “may” be a problem in my philosophy It’s too paranoid to say “I am the best developer”, even though I don’t mean I am perfect, but still say that I am better than every one else.

Instead saying I’m the best developer, I change it to:

“I am not the best developer, I only follow the best discipline”.

The most complete fighter in the world

What is the best discipline? There are 3 things I am following:

  • Do TDD.
  • Proud of my code.
  • Learn new thing every day and share it.

For 3 months, I keep doing them everyday, every time. And I found when I follow these, day by day, it becomes a habit. It isn’t easy at all. I get tired, get lazy all the time. I am not hard working style, so I must re-generate the energy every time by coffee ^^.

And back to my problem before, I am not afraid of learning new things from other people. It follows my philosophy - to learn new thing everyday and share it.

Learn more, I can share more to people.