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Jul 5, 2017

I spend half of my life with code, and another half with coffee.


The first part is more than true. I Code for work, code for fun, code for free, and code cause I don’t know what else to do.

Imagine how short a day is. For developer, it’s extra short when we have a bug.


Some days we just want to get through. I meet some guys, who always count how many days til TGIF.

We may neither finish anything, nor learn anything in a bad day. These bad days won’t go away if we don’t know how to turn them off. They just come back again again everyday, until we switch the situation, or hope someone can help us turn if off.

I also have some bad days like this. But I think one day I live is one day I lost. And I know I can’t live too long (may be 5 of 5 years ahead), I want to enjoy every single day, learn something from it, even a bad day, instead of just give it away.

One way to treat your bad day is…

Reading the book “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. There are many good advices in this book, and I would to recommend you to check it out.

These techniques in the book are easy to use, but require us to practice again. Otherwise when we loose your motivation, or can’t control the emotion, we’ll forgot or ignore them, we only follow our emotion and end up worst.

Another thing that I learn is a bad day happens, I remind myself it’s opportunity for me to apply some techniques from the book, and evaluate myself if I get angry easily (and say to myself “Failed to apply. Not enough skill yet”). Be an audience of your life, not a actor/actress.

Last but not least. Be prepared.

My “adopted” father has a talk on preparation, included prepare for a good day. He said: Life is designed to not give us what we want, not give us what we need, but life is designed to give us what we deserved.

Here is his talk on this. Recommend you to watch, just cost you 5 mins

That’s all I want to share today. Hope you enjoy it. I wish we all learn something from this post and from the next day :P.