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First post of the year

Jan 13, 2019

How’s your 2019 so far?

13 days is gone. Or 3% of 2019 is already passed.

For me, my 2019 is a promissing year. Every year is a promissing year because I make many promises for the every new year resolution.

One thing I want to do regularly is writing post every week or two. It seems too hard for me.

I have written half way a post from last year, but seem like I lost the motivation already.

This post basically explain why I don’t want to continue on that post, how can I do better next time.

I wrote a post of “how to become a developer”. There are many posts in this topic (as the title may exactly like that). Honestly from my experience, I did’t follow the path showed in these posts. Things happened just randomly and I never have burning desire to become a developer. I was just enjoy typing and I found it is quite cool to make the computer does my homeworks or solves some quizzes that definitely saves me time to play computer game. That’s it.

The desire to become a developer could be built from an economical purpose or social title, I doubt whether it is persitent long enough.

In fact, I feel responsible as a developer, I should write a blog post to explain the right motivation of learning to become a developer, and why it isn’t for everyone. That’s a kind of problem, if don’t want to say big. However, in another way, I see myself as a badass in destroying people dream. By saying “No, developer isn’t for you” or “You can’t become a developer” basically just turn people (my friends) off.

That is why I wrote a blog post to share a path to become a programmer (as a self-learner), it includes very generic instructions of learning programming languages and why we should learn quick and learn many languages as possible. I also discussed about algorithm and data structure, OOP skill and self discipline. Other topics like communication, estimation aren’t mentioned. After finish 2 topics, I feel like this is a post to tell people giving up with becoming a developer dream. I don’t tend to do that, but it already ends up like that. So I just rolled it back.

I thought of changing the words in the post, however, it is basically about the content I provided is just about telling people that you are very far from your dream. In order to become a programmer, you have to learn a ton of things.

I could write a fun post to explain how a program work and how to write a simple program like that, and after writing a very first program, we can see ourselves as programmer. I don’t want to waste people time and create wrong illusion.

To end the post, here is a quote for you.

Dream and discipline

That’s it, this is my first blogs post in 2019. Hope you enjoy it.