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Balance in life

Nov 4, 2018

What is the best formula of work/life balance. May be 5 days of work, 2 day rest, or 5 days weekend. We will figure out, may be?

It was 6 months from the last post

I never think the horoscope actually affect to my character.

Finally I understand myself well that I tend to balance things

  • Negative and positive
  • Result and progress
  • Think and act
  • Win and loss
  • Active and passive
  • Health and wealth
  • Muscular and flexibility (in order to play badminton)
  • Aggressive and relaxing
  • Writing and reading
  • Alcohol and caffein
  • Meat and vegies
  • Rest and act
  • Care and neglect
  • Memory and forgetness
  • Sadness and happiness
  • Past and future
  • Reality and dream
  • Reflector and creator
  • Old and new
  • Fast and slow
  • Messy and cleaniness
  • Good and evil
  • Beauty and ugly
  • Early and late
  • Surprise and expectation
  • Expensive and cheap
  • Exercise and meditatation
  • Graphic UI and commandline/API
  • Writing and typing
  • Playing and working
  • Perfect and procastination
  • Learn new thing and practice what already known
  • MacOS/iOS and Linux/Android (sorry Windows)
  • Online and offline

Unfortunately, many things are built for just one purpose. Asking myself why something can’t be good in both way, or finding a way to balance these two spectrums is waste of time.

It isn’t the end of life, Libra people like me can survive still, don’t panic.

I asked myself whether I can use Vim to write notes, journal. The answer is yes until I want to attach the image in. I feel really bad because vim is my favorite editor, but it doesn’t suport rendering image.

Because of this, writing note is no longer a joy for me, since I can’t use vim, but when I use vim, I can’t attach image in.

One day, I find out my definition about writing notes is wrong. Jot down a note and review a note are 2 different action. Traditionally, to writing down some words, we use pen and notebook. Nowaday, we can use just a computer to write and read. So computer and notebook act the same role when we use it for writing notes.

We will read the notes from notebook exactly the same when we jot it down. However, it isn’t necessary the same when reading in a computer. We can use different application to open notes and it can present differently. An easy example is how a HTML file is displayed in the browser, end user doesn’t see any <html>, <body>, <script>$.document.ready(), only the web developer needs to see them.

People usually say it is depend on situation. But they don’t tell when I should behave this way or that way.

I should check other horoscope for different Zodiac sign also, there may be some interesting facts that I haven’t known yet, and may be it answered my question that does horoscope can affect to people’s characteristic, or because I use what horoscope say to explain what I think I am.

There is no perfect solution for the problem, ton of energy spent to balance things are inevitable.

Instead of feeling frustrated about the progress, I choose to learn to fascinated in all situation, even when balancing make me exhausted.

If you are struggling with balancing things in life, please find me to talk more.

Likewise, here is a song I listen countless times today