Kevin Tran

Writing Code and Grinding Coffee.

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I’m glad that you are here.

This personal blog is my garden that sows inspiration seeds for everyone to reap.

I am a programmer, I write code and I enjoy typing.

Learning is homeworks that every programmer have to do, and we are happy to do our homework. Beside coding, we have another part of life that needs to maintain as well. It involves a lot of things like health, relationship, hobby, sport, etc.

That’s what I focus in learning and sharing in my blog.

I can code in Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Hanami, Sinatra, Rack), Javascript (Polymer, React), NodeJS, Go, Java (7 and 8), Search Engine, Relational and Not Relational Database. I have some experiences to work with people (making people work together while I grinding coffee). The last part is just a joke (not sure if it’s a lame one).

I can make good coffee. I’d like to try different coffee bean and different way to make coffee.

Here is a coffee I have almost everyday:

To ping me for coffee, you can find me at

Github: duykhoa

Stackoverflow: duykhoa

Twitter: duykhoa

Email: duykhoa12t[at]

Linkedin: duykhoa